Student Athlete Program


The Student Athlete program is open for students ages 13 to 23 years old. Ensure your student will learn the proper fundamentals using proper movement while they maximize their performance for power, speed, endurance, and agility.

  • Start your program: Receive an initial coaching session to be guided through your program and understand the fundamentals of how to prepare your body, train properly, and restore.
  • Individualized training program: Receive an individualized training program based on your assessment. Have access to your program at any time with online access.
  • Attend supervised training sessions: At every training session, coaches are available to ensure you are moving correctly, to answer questions or concerns regarding your program, and to challenge you with a fun workout when you want to try something a bit different.
  • Student Athlete reserved training sessions: Enjoy the camaraderie of training with other students only for an engaging and fun workout.
  • Performance coaching sessions: Schedule up to two Performance Coaching Sessions per week when you have a change in your program, challenges with your existing program, or concerns about an injury.
  • Performance Therapy: With training in close proximity to Barton Rehabilitation, rest assured there is oversight from medical professionals. Performance coaches have access to bring therapists in to provide insight into modifications for your program to be able to continue training safely and effectively with active or old injuries.
  • Receive fitness education: Learn the fundamentals of body preparation and proper movement for a lifetime of physical fitness.
  • Nutrition consultation: Receive one nutrition consultation to ensure you properly fuel your body for your goals and training program.
  • Performance Group classes: Attend up to 3 group performance classes per week and take advantage of early morning, lunch-break, and evening classes.


To get started, come in for an assessment with one of our accredited coaches for a personalized evaluation that includes the past, present, and future of your training, eating, and recovery habits. Together we will develop your program to meet your fitness goals.

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