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Take care of your body with the unpredictable terrain of snow sports and maximize your power, speed, and endurance output with analysis on your body’s mechanics.

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VO2 Max, $200 for 2 sessions

VO2 Max testing is geared toward clients who are interested in completing a cardio fitness assessment that measures peak oxygen consumption, calories burned at different heart rates, aerobic and anaerobic threshold, as well as target intensity zones. A VO2 test measures the amount of oxygen the body uses at different exertion levels while exercising on a bike or treadmill.

Wingate Test, $75

A Wingate Test is an anaerobic capacity assessment performed on our Excalibur Sport Lode Ergometer. The rider is instructed to pedal as fast as possible while the torque remains constant at a rate dependent on the rider’s body weight. Wingate testing is appropriate for individuals who are interested in finding out about their anaerobic power, cycling efficiency, and fatigue rate.

Functional Knee Test, $50

The Functional Knee Test (FKT) is one of the best dynamic movement tests to determine core and limb symmetry deficits/weaknesses. The FKT consists of several different exercises that effectively assess athletes looking to fine tune their strengths and pinpoint hidden weaknesses to improve their overall performance in any sport. After any lower extremity injury, our athletes perform this test as a tool to guide their recovery prior to their return to sport. An individualized exercise program may be provided if necessary to improve symmetry.

Laser Therapy, $175 for 5 treatments | $300 for 11 treatments

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is scientifically proven and FDA cleared to reduce pain and restore mobility. The LightForce class IV laser emits energy in the infrared spectrum deep into tissues where it can utilize your body’s own healing powers by stimulating additional cellular activity. Laser therapy generates a photochemical response in damaged tissue via photobiomodulation—a process that stimulates healing on a cellular level by enabling cells to more rapidly produce energy (ATP). Laser therapy treatments are safe, painless, and fast. Treatments generally take 8-15 minutes and patients typically see results after 3-5 treatment sessions. Despite fast treatment times, laser treatments initiate a healing process that continues to actively reduce inflammation for up to 24 hours after treatment. The class IV laser is effective in treating acute pain, chronic conditions, and post-op pain.


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