Physiological Analysis


Receive comprehensive analysis to monitor your physiological progress as you train – how quickly does your body recover? what is your target heart rate? how many calories do you need?

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Resting metabolic rate (RMR) testing is geared toward clients who wish to identify their unique target caloric zones in order to lose weight or support their caloric needs during training. The exercise physiologist and physical therapist will advise the client as to how many calories they will need to intake in order to stay in the weight maintenance zone or the weight loss zone based on their unique resting metabolic rate (RMR). The calculated RMR will also be used to estimate calories burned during exercise and during normal activities of daily living.

VO2 Max, $200 for 2 sessions

VO2 Max testing is geared toward clients who are interested in completing a cardio fitness assessment that measures peak oxygen consumption, calories burned at different heart rates, aerobic and anaerobic threshold, as well as target intensity zones. A VO2 test measures the amount of oxygen the body uses at different exertion levels while exercising on a bike or treadmill.

Wingate Test, $75

A Wingate Test is an anaerobic capacity assessment performed on our Excalibur Sport Lode Ergometer. The rider is instructed to pedal as fast as possible while the torque remains constant at a rate dependent on the rider’s body weight. Wingate testing is appropriate for individuals who are interested in finding out about their anaerobic power, cycling efficiency, and fatigue rate.

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