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You are an athlete, if you believe you are.

An athlete has passion to work harder, go longer, and strive for more to pursue excellence with sports performance or fitness. At Barton Performance by ALTIS, you are free to find your own excellence and be the athlete you choose to be. Becoming your own best athlete is a matter of training well, eating well, and restoring well.

Plan. Do. Review. Barton Performance by ALTIS is designed to monitor and guide athletes through the most successful training philosophy to help you reach your performance goals.

Find your excellence and smash your goals.

The Performance Athlete Membership $149 

You want to take your training to the next level. Perhaps you’ve fallen into the same routine, or you are looking for guidance to train post-injury, or you just want to be stronger for a planned expedition. The Performance Athlete membership will provide the safe training environment, guide you through the Plan. Do. Review. process and educate you on the critical integration of Train Well, Eat Well, and Restore Well.

Once you have registered through our waiver, purchase the membership to unlock access and view the assessment schedule.

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Come in for your scheduled assessment to go through a Performance Assessment and discuss your goals with your coach or physical therapist. Together, you will develop your PLAN, complete with the “Train Well, Eat Well, and Restore Well” philosophy fully integrated.

Intake Forms

Complete the four competencies by attending each of the following Performance Skills workout workshops: Power, Speed & Agility, Endurance, and Movement & Recovery. Attend each one of these sessions once and come back to refresh as often as you like. These workshops are designed to get you training optimally and with correct form to help you avoid preventable training injury.

  • Performance Skills – Power : Learn proper technique and use of equipment for strength and explosive training. The series will cycle through use of barbells for maximum strength, medicine ball and explosive jumps, and Olympic weightlifting.
  • Performance Skills – Speed & Agility : Learn specific warm up techniques and coordination exercises to get you moving faster and more efficiently. The series will cycle through the implementation of plyometric balance, strength and reactive methods, running acceleration, and running change of direction or agility.
  • Performance Skills – Endurance : Explore endurance training by developing both long-, medium-, and short-term work capacity in both non- and thythmical activities. This series will cycle through work capacity development for moving heavier things often, moving your body and light things often, and cardiovascular development for rhythmical sports activities.
  • Performance Skills – Movement & Recovery: Improve coordination to train effectively for functional movement and reduce risk of injury. This series will cycle through movement preparation, flexibility training, and using foam rolling massage and Normatec devices for recovery.
  • Individual Athletic Conditioning : Schedule as often as desired to implement skills learned during the Performance Skills Workshops and to workout at the Barton Performance Training Center with oversight from world-renown coaches, performance therapists, and athletic trainers.