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Robert Maloff Center of Excellence
Posted: August 21, 2018
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In August 2016, Barton Health celebrated the groundbreaking of the Robert Maloff Center of Excellence. Chris Proctor, PT, the administrative director of the Tahoe Center for Orthopedics and coordinator for the project, spoke at the event and shared some insights.

The Robert Maloff Center of Excellence is a project dear to my heart. Thanks to a generous donation from Lisa Maloff, in honor of her late husband, Robert, and administrative support from Barton Health, this vision is becoming a reality.

Barton Health is changing the face of health care in South Lake Tahoe. We’re moving from a traditional, reactive health care model based on treating illness and injury to a proactive model.

This new model takes an integrated wellness approach. It combines conventional medicine with alternative medicine such as acupuncture, nutrition, yoga, and meditation in order to not only maintain but improve health. The Center of Excellence will provide guidance and support to treat the whole patient and prevent illness.

A personalized experience is a key component of the Center of Excellence. Patients will work closely with a wellness navigator and a health coach, who can motivate them to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Our renowned orthopedic specialists will work in the state-of-the-art facility, getting patients back to an active lifestyle quickly and safely. The 25,600-square-foot Center will offer the newest rehabilitation equipment, made possible by a donation from the late Dr. Paul “Papa” Fry.

The Center of Excellence will also include partnerships with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association and Altis, creating a sports training environment for athletes of all levels.

This is an exciting time for health care in our community. It is generous residents like Lisa Maloff and Dr. Fry, our dedicated physicians and employees, and our highly engaged community that help us embark on this journey to excellence.

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