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High Altitude Training Center

Barton Performance is a full-service environment, providing athletes guidance in sports performance and sports medicine at 6,237 feet above sea level.

We take the guiding principles of power, speed, endurance, and agility to improve overall fitness and optimize play-time performance. Take advantage of certified Mental Performance Coaching to guide your athletes on how to get the most out of their physical abilities.

Join us for opportunities to come to Lake Tahoe for training and restoration opportunities with medical and coaching oversight, engage in some coaching for coaches from the ALTIS education vault, and take advantage of the amenities offered at the Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness.


Optimize training sessions with the vast knowl- edge of internationally-acclaimed trainers and orthopedic professionals.

  • Certified mental performance coaching
  • Coaching for speed, agility, and mobility
  • Injury risk reduction for hamstrings, knees, and
  • Injury management for athletes recovering from
    and playing with injury
  • Endurance training using the Tahoe trail system
  • Learn how to climatize to high altitude rapidly for
  • Access to Performance Therapists, Nutritionists,
    Acupuncturists, and Health Coaches


Take advantage of the new, 26,000 sq. ft. Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness, a U.S. Ski & Snowboard Certified Center of Excellence.

  • Conference rooms for education and mental performance coaching
  • State-of-the-art training facility including hot/cold pools
  • Access to analysis services such as the Alter-G Anti-Gravity
  • Treadmill, Laser Therapy, Functional Knee Testing, VO2 Max Testing, and more


In this unique setting, take advantage of high altitude training while also being able to quickly get to lower eleva- tions for additional training.

  • South Lake Tahoe 6,237ft (1,901m)
  • Carson City 4,802ft (1,464m) – 40 minutes
  • Placerville 1,867ft (569m) – 70 minutes


  • Cold Creek Trail – trail, 7.9 miles, 1,400 feet elevation gain, out & back
  • Flume Trail – trail, 12.8 miles, 1,420 feet elevation gain, point to point
  • Powerline Trail – trail, 6.3 miles, 538 feet elevation gain, loop
  • Pope Baldwin Bike Path – paved, 7.2 miles, 196 feet • elevation gain, out & back
  • South Lake Tahoe Bike Trail – paved, 11.0 miles, 305 feet elevation gain, loop
  • Lake Tahoe Boulevard Bike Trail to Meyers – paved, 10.6 miles, 341 feet elevation gain, out & back
  • Armstrong Pass – trail, 22.1 miles, 3,556 feet elevation gain, loop
  • Corral Trail – paved or trail option, 8.9 miles, 1,443ft elevation gain, out & back


  • On average, there are 249 sunny days annually in South Lake Tahoe
  • Outdoor training recommended April to October


From the extensive education expertise of ALTIS, Barton Performance by ALTIS provides material to bring the best out of your team.

  • ALTIS Foundation Course for a multi-disciplinary education
  • ALTIS 360 to learn from Olympic Medalists, World Champions, and world class coaches from across the globe platform
  • Join us for a conference where our elite coaches and athletes provide education on subjects such as injury prevention, mental performance coaching, nutrition for athletes, and more


  • 2-star hotels – $40-$110/night (i.e. Budget Inn)
  • 3-star hotels – $75-$160/night (i.e. Lake Tahoe Resort)
  • 4-star hotels – $150-$250/night (i.e. Marriott Timber Lodge)
  • 2-4 person Airbnb – $40-$130/night
  • 4-8 person Airbnb – $75-$160/night
  • 8+ person Airbnb – $180-$350/night

*Averates only. May vary basedon time of year.

Email for further information.

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