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Group Fitness Classes

GROUP FITNESS CLASSES $49/month or $15/class

Join in the evidence-based fitness classes to help you improve your healthy and active lifestyle. Continue to enjoy all your favorite Tahoe activities, but with greater ease and less effort with the Group Fitness Classes, led by elite coaches and held in the Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness. Our group environment provides motivation, encouragement, and fosters a team-like atmosphere. All fitness levels are welcome.
An assessment is not required to get started. Try out a single class or sign up for a monthly membership.

  • Classes offered: All evidence based programming
    • Strength Circuit
    • Core & Movement Restore
    • Cardio Fitness
    • Cardio Competition
    • Power Yoga
    • Yoga Flow
  • Improve endurance, decrease body fat, help alleviate stress
  • Reduce the risk of injury while improving body composition and strength
  • Safely progress through total body strength and conditioning to optimize your training
  • Increase mobility and flexibility, relieve pain and stiffness from old injuries, and combat the effects of aging.
  • Improve relaxation and decrease the effects of stress
  • Attain greater awareness of self, personal transformation, and empowerment.
  • Modifications and variations are used to accommodate individual needs and experience levels.




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