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Posted: August 22, 2018
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Being ready to enjoy summer on your bike doesn’t only mean getting or being fit, it includes having your bike fit. With temperatures warming up, this is the perfect opportunity to get your bicycle ready for the season! Anyone who enjoys riding should have their bike fitted. At Barton Health, bike fitting is geared towards clients who road bike, mountain bike, or compete in triathlons – all with the goal of optimizing body position to maximize performance, based on the rider’s recreational or competitive goals and history of injury.

Discomfort from a poorly fitted bike is one of the most common reasons people will avoid riding, but fixing a poorly-fit bike is a solution. Both the casual and competitive cyclist benefit from a properly fitted bike, and Barton Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine offers fitting services from all ability levels of those who enjoy riding the phenomenal roads and trails in our own backyard.

As a Certified Bike Fitter and Physical Therapist at Barton, many of the patients I see feel medical conditions limit their ability to ride a bike, however, many medical issues can be accommodated and even corrected by a properly fitted bike. A bike fitting entails an initial two-hour appointment with a Certified Bike Fitter and Physical Therapist like myself. The rider’s initial evaluation begins on their bike, where they can describe any problems they experience when pedaling. Next, the rider moves to Barton’s Performance Laboratory where they ride the bike trainer to have everything from foot, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist position analyzed and addressed.

An important component of analysis is ensuring proper cleat position and wedging. Unlike most fitting services, Barton offers a one-hour follow up appointment to make sure the initial fit is dialed in. In addition, patients are referred to local bike shops to find products that will improve their biking experience. Being more comfortable on your bike will allow you to be more efficient and more likely to get outside and enjoy the beauty Lake Tahoe has to offer. Barton Performance by ALTIS members get a discounted price from the otherwise $250 two-session bike fitting. Current patients can sometimes use their insurance to cover the cost with the proper referral from their doctor.

For more information or to schedule a fitting, contact Barton Health’s outpatient rehab clinic at 530.543.5720. With the AMGEN Tour of California in South Lake Tahoe, bicycle fever is contagious! You can also visit Barton’s booth in the AMGEN village at Heavenly’s California Base this week, and pick up a rack card about our bike fitting services. Barton’s bike fitting experts will be at the booth from 1:30-4:00 p.m. on Friday, May 18th. Have a fun and safe season on two wheels!

Harrison Brown is a Certified Bike Fitter and Physical Therapist at Barton Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

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