Strength Training

Girl running on treadmill

The Surprising Benefits of Quick Workouts

Don’t have time to exercise? According to recent research, a four-minute workout might be better than 30 minutes on the ...
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Couple running on snowy trail in the winter

Winter Workout Motivation

Does the cold weather stop you in your tracks? Maybe not if you are a winter sports enthusiast, but what ...
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Box Jumps Barton Performance

Tips for Preventing Winter Sports Injuries

Now that snow has arrived and Lake Tahoe resorts are opening more terrain. As an orthopedic surgeon, I see many ...
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Strength Training Barton Center of Excellence

Surprising Facts about Weight Training

Strength training is not only good for you physically but mentally as well. You might be surprised by the evidence ...
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Skier Heading Down Mountain on Snowy Day

Ready To Ski? Protect Your Knees

Every year,17,500 skiers experience an MCL or ACL injury, cutting their season short. Read on to learn how to avoid ...
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Lateral Lunges Center of Excellence

Keep In Shape to Keep Hitting the Slopes

While warmer temps are on the horizon, the mountains are still receiving snow—which means spring skiing. After a great day ...
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Strength Training Cattle Bell Barton Performance

Programming for Strength & Power

The development and progression of a strength training program from early season training into the competitive season is a common ...
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Student Athlete

High School Football

Movement, Not Muscles: Training for Size Can Hurt Sports Performance

When it comes to getting big for sports like football, is muscle over movement developing players in the right way? ...
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kids Playing Soccer

After A Concussion: Returning to School and Sports

During the past decade, it’s become clear that many young athletes take much longer than 10 days to clinically recover ...
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Teens Playing Basketball

Keep Your Teens Active This Summer

The lazy days of summer are almost here. With the lure of long mornings of sleeping in and no schoolwork, ...
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Sports Performance

Girl Working out at Barton Performance ATLIS

Sports Performance Training and the Student Athlete

The growing popularity of sports performance training young athletes has never been stronger. This is leading to parents and coaches ...
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Road Cycling Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay

Gear up for Summer With a Bike Fitting

Being ready to enjoy summer on your bike doesn’t only mean getting or being fit, it includes having your bike ...
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Training Top Athletes: Sports Performance Training Designed for Dream Chasers

Barton Health proudly sponsors some of the area’s top athletes: Daron Rahlves, Marco Sullivan, Travis Ganong, Lila Lapanja, and now ...
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Performance Therapy

Girl Stretching Workout

Realistic Fitness Goals for the New Year

Sometimes New Year’s resolutions are too far out of reach making them out of sight and out of mind. Looking ...
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Running in Barton Performance Center

Returning To Play: The ALTIS Way

In the sporting world it is inevitable that injuries are going to happen during a long-term athletic career – whether ...
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Performance Therapy Gerry Ramogida

Performance Therapy: What Is It and How Is It Applied?

The Foundation of Performance Therapy Performance Therapy began out of necessity. Coach Dan Pfaff, a teacher both at heart and ...
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Center of Excellence

Robert Maloff Center of Excellence

New Approach to Health and Sports Performance Coming to South Lake Tahoe

In August 2016, Barton Health celebrated the groundbreaking of the Robert Maloff Center of Excellence. Chris Proctor, PT, the administrative ...
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ATLIS Education

ATLIS Education Center of Excellence

What is ALTIS Education?

ALTIS Education is a global sports education community, welcoming sports practitioners from every discipline seeking a deeper understanding of their ...
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