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 with Barton Performance by ALTIS

Come try our individualized approach to training, mastered with thousands of hours from training elite athletes and designed just for you.

To get started, come in for an assessment with one of our accredited coaches for a personalized evaluation that includes the past, present, and future of your training, eating, and recovery habits. Together, we will determine the best program for your immediate goals and to meet your on-going needs.

The Assessment $149

  • Performance Lifestyle Review
    • Assess your history, current condition, and define your goals
  • Physical Competency Assessment
    • How well you move
  • Physical Capacity Assessment
    • How much you can move
  • Nutrition Consultation
    • Eating well – healthy, good energy, and body composition
  • Restore Well Consultation
    • Ensure your body and mind are energized during training and away
  • Program
    • Determine the best service package to meet your goals

The fee for the assessment includes your first month of access from which you can choose the best on-going program.

Complete this lifestyle questionnaire after purchasing your assessment and before coming in for your assessment.

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Whether you are an aspiring athlete, a weekend warrior, or a professional athlete wanting to improve competitively, we will help you achieve your performance goals!

A one year program consists of (1) Introductory four-week block and (8) six-week training blocks.

Introductory Four-Week Block

  • Program Implementation
    • One initial coaching session, ongoing coach-lead group sessions, and independent athletic conditioning sessions
    • Performance Therapy oversight
    • Nutrition and restoration education
    • PERFORMANCE WORKSHOPS – Access to unlimited performance training workshops
    • Online access to training program
    • Client/Coach Assessment
      • Four-week program check-up
      • Direction for ongoing program – option to upgrade to Elite Program and Eat Well or Restore Well services

Six-Week Training Blocks

  • Program Implementation
    • One initial coaching session, ongoing coach-lead group sessions, and independent athletic conditioning sessions
    • Performance Therapy oversight
    • Client/Coach periodic monitoring and testing
    • Client rates for Performance Lab and Analysis services
    • PERFORMANCE WORKSHOPS – Access to unlimited performance training workshops
    • Online education, tasks, and activities
    • Online access to training program
    • Client/Coach Assessment
      • Six-week program check-up
      • Direction for next training block



The most comprehensive access to a 1:1 program with coaching anywhere for a highly focused period of training and support. With all the benefits of the PERFORMANCE ATHLETE services, as an ELITE ATHLETE client working with your private Performance Coach you can customize and choose your personal services each month from:

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Performance Therapy
  • Mental Performance
  • Nutrition Coaching

A total of four sessions per month are available from a combination of all services or all four from one area. Book the assessment now and build your perfect program.




Perfect for trying out what Barton Performance by ALTIS is all about without the membership or assessment required.

Weekly workshops cover foundation techniques that are the basis of our athletic performance training. Look forward to 60 minutes of practical instruction plus a 30-minute individual workout to practice the new techniques.

Workshop Themes

  • POWER: Learn proper technique and use of equipment for strength and explosive training. The series will cycle through use of:
    • barbells for maximum strength
    • medicine ball and explosive jump training
    • weightlifting
  • SPEED & AGILITY: Learn specific warm up and coordination exercises to get you moving faster and more efficiently. The series will cycle through the implementation of:
    • plyometric balance, strength, and reactive methods
    • running acceleration
    • running change of direction or agility
  • ENDURANCE: Explore endurance training by developing both long to short-term work capacity in both non- and rhythmical activities. This series will cycle through work capacity development for:
    • strength endurance with complexes and combinations
    • body weight and light implement style circuits
    • cardiovascular energy system development for rhythmical sports activities
  • MOVEMENT AND RECOVERY: Improve coordination to train effectively for functional movement and reduce risk of injury. This series will cycle through:
    • movement preparation using A.R.M.A.
    • flexibility training
    • using foam rolling massage and Normatec for recovery

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The cornerstones of our Eat Well philosophy are founded from thousands of hours of training elite athletes. Our nutrition coaching features fundamentals relevant to every athlete – health, energy, and body composition. Our Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches and Registered Dietician, Jen Trew, provide online education resources included in the PERFORMANCE ATHLETE Program. For an individualized service, a highly focused 1-month program is available with Jen Trew. As an ELITE ATHLETE client, you have access to up to four 1:1 services every month. To schedule an appointment with Jen Trew, call 775.338.4335.


Restore Well philosophy is designed to keep you, as an athlete, healthy by utilizing Performance Therapy, improving sleep hygiene, and addressing mental performance. As a PERFORMANCE ATHLETE client you receive online education in these areas and Performance Therapy oversight in your training sessions. For an individualized service, a highly focused 1-month program is available. As an ELITE ATHLETE client, you have access to up to four 1:1 services every month.

The restoration services will continue to expand with the opening of the Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness.