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  • The Athlete

    You are an athlete if you willingly put in the work to improve your personal best. An athlete always has performance goals in mind - whether in competition or with recreational endeavors.

  • The Performance Coach

    Your Performance Coach provides direction, instruction, and training to guide you as an athlete. Your coach provides tools to improve Power, Speed, Agility, and Endurance.

  • The Performance Therapist

    Your Performance Therapist provides services for prevention, analysis, and rehabilitative care of your performance injuries. Your therapist integrates body mechanics in your training to optimize functional movement and positively affect motor control.

  • The Performance Pyramid

    The Performance Pyramid - athlete, coach, and therapist - creates the strongest foundation to reach performance excellence.


Barton Performance by ALTIS is offering programs for all fitness levels and aspirations by utilizing medical resources, sophisticated tools for analysis, and internationally acclaimed performance coaching. We are dedicated to improving fitness performance and have programs customized for athletes returning to sport post-injury, young athletes sustainably training for their sport of choice, the everyday athlete looking to improve a recreational lifestyle, and professional athletes training for the next level of competition. We are here in Lake Tahoe to keep the Tahoe lifestyle alive, to keep people healthy and active – riding bikes, playing on the water, climbing mountains, and chasing gravity downhill.



Athletic performance is more than big muscles, it’s flexibility, movement for function, power, and endurance. Barton Performance by ALTIS incorporates workshops, education, and training to optimize peak performance with the balance of coordination and conditioning.



Maximize your athletic performance with the Train Well, Eat Well, Restore Well philosophy. Our coaches and therapists work with you, the athlete, to balance training, rest, and nutrition by using self-awareness, assessment tools, and measurable progress to reduce injury risk factors and attain higher levels of performance.